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Tiffany releases the new Tiffany Hard Wear ™ series of jewels

In 2017, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany released the new Tiffany HardWear ™ series of jewelry, the birthplace of the brand New York’s industrial atmosphere, the spirit of independence and street vitality of the artistic sublimation, both classic and avant-garde. This series of names and design inspiration from the modern fearless attitude and street fashion style, which is to make New York city temperament so unique important connotation.

The Tiffany Cartier love bracelet replica ™ series carries the strength and spirit of modern women. Iconic chain of metal material reflects the simple and fresh texture and design outline, each design is the New York industrial characteristics of sublimation. Continuation of Tiffany strict and exquisite craftsmanship, each buckle are deftly hidden in the link, exquisite interlocking constitute a natural smooth lines, for this new series of modern and elegant subversive aesthetic. The chained necklace, which follows a large to small gradient link, is a simple and bold tour of the Tiffany HardWear ™ series, which extends the earrings, rings, bracelets and other works on the basis of this design. Spirit and strength.

Inspired by a neutral bracelet designed in 1971, a detachable lock and metal ball are added to the chain necklace to incorporate elegance into the pioneer design, making the shape more variable.

The Tiffany HardWear ™ series combines elegance into a simple industrial design, demonstrating the strong style of pioneer women and the movement of natural Smart. One of the three ball drape earrings with a unique bolt support structure, symmetrical side chain in series from three spheres, perfect symmetrical design from every point of view is perfect.

Orange sapphire is also due to the unique color and showing a beautiful beauty, if the orange bright and slightly reddish, will become the first welcome gem. Its beauty and Cartier love ring replica is not comparable, but because the output is more than Padparadscha, so the price is not expensive, but than the green, purple sapphire, the price has been much higher.

Purple sapphire is always able to show a rich purple pink, mysterious, noble yet charming, but also the love of women things. Mainly produced in Sri Lanka, a small amount produced in Thailand and Myanmar. Vanadium and chrome sapphire variants, with beautiful purple, purple or violet, called purple sapphire. New York Museum of Natural History in the United States there is a Thai-made violet sapphire, weighing 34 karats.

Green sapphire has a rich range of green tones, whether it is tropical gypsum color or bottle of green, are exudes a unique light and charm. In all colored sapphires, the quality of green sapphire is the best, the quality of the particles is rarely more than a few carats. In color and green tourmaline, green zircon is very similar. The finest green sapphire produced in Tanzania, the existing green synthetic corundum its color is more natural than the bright.

Yellow is savory in the more precious colors, from the light of the daisy yellow to the canary deep yellow, no matter what kind of yellow, will be firmly attracted to each beautiful woman heart. Yellow sapphire is the reason why yellow, is associated with its own chemical composition – iron oxide, usually, the color is light yellow, light brown, canary yellow, golden yellow and honey yellow, which is the best gold, The production of canary yellow gem is the most scarce.

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