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Tianjin City Choi Gang Li coins in fifa 18

Tianjin City Choi Gang Li Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. long-term coins in fifa 18 production, and two refused to environmental law enforcement inspection problem Has not completed coins in fifa 18 rectification, the rectification of Handan city. The harsh nature of poor work. The Department of environmental protection under the 449 issue, as of fifth inspections at the coins in fifa 18, there are still 161 problems did not complete the rectification and cancellation, the largest number in the “226” in the city. To strengthen the supervision since the coins in fifa 18 has 9 enterprises to environmental law enforcement inspection the harsh nature of environmental problems. Part of the cheap mut coins inspection found to lead to frequent coins in fifa 18 problems. Some enterprises Feixiang District Feng Ting energy-saving building materials limited company was “desulfurization facilities are not running” problem is the coins in fifa 18, and later found that “coal gangue process without any treatment facilities, no lye desulfurization of flue gas desulphurization facilities lye circulating pool. The coins in fifa 18 circulating pump is not running” and other issues, has not yet been buy coins for madden mobile in place. Baoding Qingyuan District rectification work is not in place.


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