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Tattoos classroom: Describe human skin

Skin structure Skin from the epidermis , dermis , subcutaneous tissue composition . The skin is the body’s largest organ , covering the body surface , with a screen Barrier , absorption, feel , body temperature regulation , excretion and secretion of five functions . First, the skin can be divided into five layers from tattoo equipment outside to inside 1 , cuticle : the thinnest layer of the epidermis , 4-8 layers of flat , non-nuclear cells, arranged very close , is Without a protective layer of active life . UV rays can play a role in barrier. Keratinocytes of the stratum corneum is fine Pack the final stage of differentiation , keratinocytes as cell division and continue to evolve , the surface keratinocytes also appropriate Speed ​​off. 2, the transparent layer : a transparent layer of flat cells seedless 2-3 layers, cell state is unclear , except for part of the palms and soles , Skin and other body parts are not transparent layer of cells , it is generally only four. Such as: the palms, soles , and its bomb Sex bigger. 3, the granular layer : the Tattoo shops granular layer of 2-4 layers of spindle cells or diamond , shaped like orange flesh tissue , there is a nucleus , cell No ability to split proliferation , organized fluid, cytoplasm , is still with the vitality of the cells. After aging transformed into transparent Layer cells or keratinocytes , after this layer cell damage, tissue fluid exudation , will form blisters. 4, spinous layer : short spine prickle cell layer layer is composed of 4-8 layers composed of polygonal cells , were observed approximately pomegranate Flesh , this layer of cells also divide functions belong to the germinal layer . 5 , the basal layer : the deepest basal epidermis , consists of a layer composed of cylindrical cells , arranged in tattoo supplies grid-like , basal Connected by desmosomes between cells and the adjacent spinous cells . Adhesion between the basal cells of the epidermis and dermis of the skin Bring down the basement membrane , closely linked with the dermis. After the splitting generated with the ability to produce basal cell cell equipment The new daughter cells , the daughter cells goes up , plays the role of epidermal repair and hair growth . When the basal cell is a lot of damage , the skin loses its own repair function , so damaged skin deep Scar formation . Cells replace about 21-28 days , basal cells are destroyed individually spotting phenomenon occurs , serious.Tattoo Supplies Who will leave a scar , so the general profile thorn in the process, to control the depth of the papillary dermis layer of tissue , about About 1.5mm, must not exceed 2.0mm. Which is a protective layer of 1,2,3 , 4,5 is the germinal layer down is Dermis and subcutaneous tissue .

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