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College Fashion Basics for Young Women

College Fashion Basics for Young Women During your college years, you will need something to carry your books, papers, laptop and personal items in. You will be able to move around campus a lot faster if you are not carrying anything in your arms. The typical backpacks carried by high school students are still practical […]


Tattoos classroom: Describe human skin

Skin structure Skin from the epidermis , dermis , subcutaneous tissue composition . The skin is the body’s largest organ , covering the body surface , with a screen Barrier , absorption, feel , body temperature regulation , excretion and secretion of five functions . First, the skin can be divided into five layers from […]

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80s fashion trends Articles

80s fashion trends Articles A couple of decades ago, circa 80s and mid 90s, Indian fashion had different comprehension and it was mostly about western influences steadily setting in India. Very few designers were heeding on Indian ethnic clothes, and most of the brands and manufactures were engaged in infusing western styles to Indian fashion. […]

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