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Style Statement in Fashion Industry

Style Statement in Fashion Industry

Amber is one of the most unique gemstones used in jewelry since it is in fact fossilized tree resin often with small creatures that have remained trapped inside the resin for thousand or millions of years. Amber earrings come in many styles, from drop or dangle earrings to amber encrusted hoops or clip on earrings and even earring styles that incorporate other gemstones. Silver amber earrings are the most popular because they are the cheapest.

If you would like to incorporate designer earrings into your style then you should look into all of the designer jewelry earrings that are out there for you to take advantage of. This is because there are many styles, sizes, and types to choose from. Amber Earrings have become very popular in recent years. Amber can be cut into different sizes and shapes, polished and assembled to make necklaces and pendants. A full collection may consist of a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings and/or pendants.

Amber jewelry is typically fashioned with other precious materials to produce a finer finished product which is both pleasing to the eye and of material value. Amber jewelry is becoming more expensive as the years go by and we bring you fine quality Jewelry from India. This is mainly due to its demand exceeding supply. They have become more precious to existing owners ad people pay huge amounts of money to obtain them. This has directly led to the increase of imitation amber on the market.

For centuries amber jewelry was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. Because amber was ascribed many healing properties it came to be used medicinally in many cultures. As centuries passed, more and more of the masses could afford to own treasured Amber Jewelry. It variety of gem that comes in a wide selection of colors from the most common golden dye to other colors for example pale, black and green. Original amber could bear insects, feathers or stars.

Amber jewelry is plentiful, and can be found at reasonable prices. It pairs beautifully with silver, and the golden color complements any complexion. Amber jewelry has become a common thing for all people nowadays, but for a long period of time only nobility could afford it. Because it was thought it had miraculous powers their price was very high. In time, more and more people could afford to purchase amber jewelry.

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