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proposed to ensure the safety of tourists

According to EFE August 19 reported that the impact of the terrorist attacks on tourism authorities has yet to be assessed,GW2 Gold but Asian tourists have started to feel afraid, because most of the foreign victims of the attacks have come from Asia, and Asia is Thailand’s biggest tourism The source region.
According to Thai media reports, experts predict that as long as the attacks do not continue to occur, the attack will impact in the short term.
Tourism Authority of Thailand said that Thailand before taking measures to promote its tourism, you must first assess the situation right now.
Flights to Thailand Flights in September was 47%, while in October the reservation rate rose to about 70%.
As of August 16, 2015, Thai authorities received a number of tourists reached 19 million passengers,Tera Gold the annual tourist accommodation this is expected to exceed the expected 28.8 million.
Thailand Tourism Board in January 2015 to May showed the largest tourist source country of Thailand is China, followed by Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Laos.
In 2014, at least 4.6 million Chinese tourists to Thailand. According to the forecast the attacks that occurred before the 17th, 2015, the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand this is expected to reach 5.6 million people.
After the attack, the government at least 23 countries for the security situation in Bangkok issued a travel warning to its citizens.
Thailand’s tourism industry accounts for 7% of GDP,Tibia Gold Thai tourism industry has been proposed to ensure the safety of tourists.
Regional vice president of Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Gordon Fuller said in a statement: “guarantee the safety of all customers and colleagues is our top priority after the attacks, we have strengthened the security..”
Thai media reported that the 19 Hong Kong tourists to Thailand will become the first canceled travel plans of tourists, followed by South Korea and Japanese tourists, and European tourists in dealing with the current situation is more calm and visionary.
Soon after, travel agencies in Hong Kong that is agreed for security reasons before the end of August canceled all travel plans to Bangkok. The matter has been Director Joseph Tung TIC offices confirmed.
Thai Hotels Association Krabi Branch, former head of Egyptian armor Wei said that Chinese tourists have begun to cancel the visit Krabi travel.
He said: “The government now an urgent need to restore confidence.”

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