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Nigel: sorry for Levin’s remarks, he is not the first time

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FIFA 18 NEWS Bayern Munich CEO Rummeniggee recently accepted the “photo” interview, he was in the interview; beat recently published in the media recently, another high dissatisfaction with the Levandowski. Photo: Mr. Rummenigge, Levandovsky recently expressed his concern for Bayern’s international competitiveness in Der Spiegel, who really worries about it or wants to change What? Rumenigge: Obviously, Levandovsky was made a bit of anxious by the transfer of Paris Saint-Germain, he was a player we hired, and the salary was high, and I regretted his remarks In the first half of the year, after the game with Freiburg, he had a wrong speech for his teammates, and he said he did not get enough support. BBC: Why did he do that? Rummenigge: Unfortunately, his agent, Mr. Battle is his behind-the-scenes, this is still the case, this is his careful organization of an interview, his behavior is in the injury Levandovs base. Photo: Livandovsky says the players ‘strength is growing and the players’ willingness to move should not be stopped. Is it also applicable to Levandovsky? Rummenigge: I do not think the players have so much strength, Levandovsky can also look at his contract, his contract expires in 2021, and there is no buyout clause.

(Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Photo: Livandovsky said Bayern in the transfer signings on a little conservative, this argument is correct? Rumenez: Levandovsky does not need to worry, we still have a strong lineup this season, we have a long time with a serious and successful transfer strategy, and achieved great success. In addition, we have won all the domestic and international championships in the past five years, and we are waiting to see if Paris can win the Champions League title, which is now their goal. And Levandowski before complaining about our Asian line, then he should also know that his so-called dream club Real Madrid in the summer trip, but up to 24 days, is twice that of us. Photo: Livandovsky also says it is money and success in dominating football, and loyalty is unnecessary. Rumenigge: If he said that, then I really feel sorry, loyalty is Bavarian DNA stuff, which is very important for our fans. Photo: Will Lewandowski be punished for his public criticism? Rummenigge: Sali Hamidic has been talking to him, and if you publicly criticize the coach, club or other player, you will feel the pressure from me privately. Bundle: Will there be a player to sit on the stands? Rummenigge: This is the decision that the coach needs to do. Bild: Who else has made you feel a bit more annoying recently? Rumenigge: I am a supporter of democracy and freedom, but we now have to do is to focus on football rather than talking, we do not hurt, Muller in Bremen after the game is not good , We need to be efficient and serious again. Photo: Levandovsky said it was difficult to keep 100% in the Bundesliga. Rummenigge: Now only in September, I do not want to hear anything about April next year, we do not need arrogance, the Bundesliga champions have not yet paid us in the bag. Photo: Will you exchange views with Muller? Rummenigge: No, Muller is a player with a perfect character, but even Bayern local players, his position is not absolutely guaranteed, he can not sit on the bench feel dissatisfied, but not in public Criticize the coach. Rose: I can only say that the performance is good, but also can not be called excellent

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