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How to Turn an old dress into a fashionable romper

How to Turn an old dress into a fashionable romper

Some dresses we just never get around to wearing. Like that hideous one our mom gave us with a decent tropical print but hemlines that go down to our ankles. We’re sure you probably have an ever accumulating stash of similar dresses that you know you’ll never wear but don’t want to toss either.

So what’s a gal to do? Check out this video to see how to refashion an old dress into a bouncy new romper.

Are you a big fan of anime and cosplay? Getting dressed up for anime conventions is super fun, but you can add to the excitement and save money by making your own costume.

In this tutorial, you be shown how to upcycle a plain large t shirt into a romper. This particular video shows you how to make a Pikachu romper which goes with a Pikachu hat, but you can use the construction method for just about any costume you wish, from Snorlax to Dragonball Z.

Rompers are becoming so popular.

There no need to drop mad stacks at a department store in order to wear clothing that looks fashionable. In fact, you may not know it yet, but you probably have a few gems waiting to shroud your figure in your garage.

We all have at least a pile or two of old clothes and random fabric scraps lying around, right? So make use of those clothes by repurposing them into something hot. Check out this video by Gianny L to learn how to make a cute banded off the shoulder top using a large piece of old fabric.

Wanna shine spending little? This cute off the shoulder banded top will give you presence.

Like billowy, bohemian tops or billowy dresses that go aflutter in the wind? Then this is the perfect DIY fashion tutorial for you. Using a long old skirt you can probably find by digging through your own closet or your stylish mother treasure trove, you will learn how to refashion the skirt into a full body dress by simply adding some spaghetti straps.

Watch this tutorial now to get the how to, and make several of these to wear out to the beach or the pool. These dresses require minimal sewing, so you don have to be Martha Stewart to get them down.

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