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How to Fold a throw three ways for a fashionable presentation

How to Fold a throw three ways for a fashionable presentation

Chances are if you live in any sort of house or apartment that you own a throw. Unlike clunky and thick comforters that you use for beds, throws are thin, light, and easily transportable if, say, you wish to read a book on the floor next to your living room table and want to cover up with something warm.

But when folded into a plain rectangle, throws aren’t the most attractive interior design pieces. So if you want your throw to start looking chic rather than messy, check out this video to learn three ways to fold a throw.

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Folding fitted sheets is always trickier than folding a conventional rectangular sheet. First, throw the sheet onto the bed. Then use your hands to tuck all the corners in on themselves. Then lay the sheet back down and straighten it. It makes a horseshoe shape with its elastic. Then fold one corner over the top so that all your elastic hangs over one hand. With the other hand grab the other corner so you can lay it down flat in a half moon shape with all the elastic together in one place. Then fold it into thirds one way and then into thirds the other way.

This video shows the way to fold a fitted sheet for maximum storage. Folding a sheet can save a lot of storage space. The time taken for folding the sheet is less than the time taken for searching through unfolded sheets to find the right match. Start by holding the sheet lengthwise with the right side towards your body. Fold corner number one over corner number two. Slide down the edges and tuck corner number three and four in. Straighten the edges and place it on the table. Fold the sheet in thirds along its length. Again fold the sheet into thirds and the task is done.

Ever have trouble folding your sheets perfectly? Well follow along as we are given quick and simple instructions on how to fold a traditional fitted sheet like an expert.

First, you will want to turn your sheet inside out.

Next, you are going to put your hands in the long corners.

Now, flip the right side over the left side.

Then you will repeat the previous three steps.

Now fold your sheet in half and then fold it into thirds.

There you have it: a step by step guide on how to master the art of folding a traditional fitted sheet.

You may frequent hotels that treat your towels like your toilet paper, but some upscale hotels actually take pride in their towel presentation, therefore borrow some skills from master origami artists and apply them to folding towels and washcloths for memorable and decorative affect. But towel origami is not just for fancy hotel rooms it for your own bathroom right at home! You just have to learn the art, and this video will show you how to fold ordinary bathroom towels into fancy and elegant shapes that will leave long lasting immersions on friends and family. You won learn anything too.

Are you tired of your bed sheets looking like a crumpled mess? How does something this simple turn into something so difficult to achieve properly? Learn how to fold your bed linens neatly and without unsightly creases. The easy to understand video will turn you into a household ace! It will show you secrets to the easiest and most painless ways to keep your bed linens neat, folded, and organized, without tearing your hair out! Learn how to tame the largest sheets with ease. You’ll always have crisp, fresh sheets and enjoy the neatest linen closet around.

In honor of our Earth, Meg shows us how to upcycle old items into a rad new pendant lamp. Plus, learn some easy ways to contribute to your neighborhood. This video home decorating lesson shows an ecological way to add some style to your space.

Threadbanger is one of WonderHowTo favorite fashion DIY video creators. Search Threadbanger on WonderHowTo for more fashion tutorial videos. From the Threadbanger site:

“The ThreadBanger network is a landing point for people who want to create and discover their own style through alternative fashion: recycling, up cycling and re fashioning anything.

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