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His teammates also noted that the leaders of the obvious changes

His teammates also noted that the of the obvious changes, enveloped in the Celtics locker room clouds are gradually dispersed. “Even in the third game I think Thomas’s performance is great.His thoughts more clearly, to today he went back to the regular season that omnipotent look,” Ayr – Horford said after the game “He took over the game, which made us mean.” For coach nba2k mt, he is still on the small Thomas field experience is really hard to imagine. “I can not believe it,” he said, “he has gone through so many things, it is hard to imagine that there is such a good performance in the, which is really incredible.Although the game in Boston did not like the direction we want But the teammates have enough toughness to finish the rally, but we still have a long way to go.

At the same time, Thomas also thanked the team for his support. “The help of the Celtics is very important. This team is the best team, from the staff of the North Shore to the players, to the coaching staff, everyone is part of the buy 2k mt Army. Great support, no more thank you are not too. Beijing time on April 24, due to injury missed three Rudy – Gobel in the fourth field of fire back to help Jazz in the distal reversal of the Clippers, won the key battle victory equalized the big For the Jazz, the presence of Gobel means that the league’s leading rebounds and are guaranteed. However, the first round of the opener opened only 10 seconds, Gobel was in the nba 2k coins accidentally injured, due to excessive knee stretching, he missed the two games after the game, while the Jazz also suffered a 2-game losing streak.

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