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Hermes Nile River Garden, blend of fruity, grassy and woody, with a mix of buds and flesh of fresh

Before the taste: the heart of grass, Egyptian green fruit, Cartier love bracelet replica flavor: summer jasmine, Nile water lily, orange flower after taste: fig tree, milk balsam tree,

“A trip to the senses, like a fragrance and so on,” is the story of the Nile Garden to pass the story. Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena this time with elegant lotus, trying to create an imaginary garden. In the mind, the Lotus is the holy flower of Egypt, is a symbol of rebirth, dedicated to the sun god and Pharaoh. Happened, the Egyptian life dedicated to the Nile, overlooking from above, is also like a lotus.

Hermes Nile River Garden, blend of fruity, grassy and woody, with a mix of buds and flesh of fresh, hidden carrots crisp and tomato stems of the Sentimental, at the same time, with strong fruit green mango taste, then add The fragrance of the bitter grapefruit fragrance also drifted out, the fragrance also overflows orange fresh grass fruit, spring full; then surfaced is the aquatic lotus, its approximate whisper low-key flowers, is Between the hyacinth and the fragrance of peony, so that a little more fragrant fragrance.

Terre d’Hermes

Year: 2006 Fragrance: fresh wood before the taste: grapefruit, orange

In the taste: rose, patchouli, geranium after taste: root, sweet pepper, benzoin, carya

Terre, the earth, meaning “everything is born”, when the perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena because of wine, feel the infiltration of physical and mental touches, and appreciate the grapes into the drink, let the human share the earth and the years moved , He spent a year, walking in the vineyard touch, experience the soil is the root of all things; through the cellar, then feel the dust inside the bottle is constantly differentiated living elements, so open bottle, wine fragrance like perfume Live in the air of emotion. So create the Terre d’Hermes, this is Hermes new fragrance of the new concept.

Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena had wanted to create a no animal and musk, and skin compatible, reflecting the nature and personality of the perfume. Jean like Hermes all create such as Kelly bag and other classic package, extremely attention to detail, known as the “Hermes hand” craftsmen like, attention to creative but human details, but also hope to use the new law to create people do not repeat the memory perfume.

This Hermes perfume draws from the vast land of good things, the wind, the sun, dew, fruit, flower fruit – combined with a unique taste. Terre d’Hermes fragrance contains seven kinds of ingredients all from the plant and mineral essence, he is 60% of the cedar when the main structure, but also want to have the citrus tone on the market can not show the fresh and bright vitality, so he since the innovation of citrus Tune. Perfume raw materials completely using natural materials, grapefruit, sweet pepper and pink pepper tablets of lively aroma, in the noble geranium and cedar perseverance atmosphere, to create a static atmosphere. He was deeply impressed by the abundance of the land ore, but suffer from the smell of ore in the world, so touch again and again hit the flint to remember the taste, and then like writing music in the mind to tune the formula, so as to create the world does not have the ore taste.

The feelings of the bottle designer Cartier love ring replica are infected, the bottle design like boutique-like, the base of the orange, both Hermes classic LOGO, and was sitting calm the earth. Shoulder side by the metal coat wrapped, Hermes classic saddle nail is standing on the perfume bottle, light turn the rivet-shaped hijab, then open the fragrance of the source, Hermes on the fine material and simple keen, right Handmade technology of love, in this bottle of new incense followed.

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