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Fashion Sketching Tips for Teens

Fashion Sketching Tips for Teens

Pencils, colored pencils, and ink are the three necessary tools for sketching fashion designs. Start by drawing your design in pencil and perfecting it. It’s best to use a drawing pencil (available at art supply stores); these are preferable because of their smooth texture. You can use a regular pencil if you don’t have a drawing one. Next, outline your design with ink. The best kind of ink to use as a beginner is a felt tip pen; this will give you optimum control over your work. When the ink has dried, you can color in your design. Colored pencils, or pencil crayons, can be used to fill in your design and create various textures.

Paper quality makes a big difference in sketching. You want to use a high quality, thick paper. You can easily find this in sketching notebooks. A high quality paper soaks up the ink so that it doesn’t go through the paper and onto the next page. Also, you can erase it without fear of tearing the page. However, if you are more comfortable using layout paper and silhouettes for all your designs, purchase a notebook of tracing paper. Larger notebooks are best for beginners because they allow space to use silhouettes.

Inspiration is the most important element of sketching, yet it can be the hardest to find. Without it, you can wind up staring at a blank page for hours. There are many ways to go about finding inspiration. Go through some fashion magazines and cut out images that catch your eye. Or go through your closet or a friend’s closet, paying attention to the designs and cuts that you are most drawn to. Many people find inspiration in nature because of its natural colors and patterns. If you’re stuck, go for a walk or sit in a park with a notebook.

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