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during the day instant fifa 18 coins they braved

during the day they braved the cold test, at night a few instant fifa 18 coins crowded in the temporary Tents in the mutual heating, and in the flight test, they can only instant fifa 18 coins on the plywood to read the test data, bumpy dizzy and nausea. “I remember, in Jiuquan to do the test, the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, the bus driving Air instant fifa 18 coins, can always drop down the temperature. “It is precisely because of these rigorous test and test to verify, only the Shenzhou VIII and Temple best way to buy fifa coins fine beautiful” instant fifa 18 coins Needle. “Interestingly, in order to help astronaut training, they are on the ground Designed a set of simulation cockpit system, astronauts here can really simulate the instant fifa 18 coins hand control rendezvous and docking operation. “So, here became the first ‘space driving school’, astronauts hut coins time over the simulation operation are very instant fifa 18 coins, and sometimes also Will require more operations several times. “Team members Li Zhiyu said.


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