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College Fashion Basics for Young Women

College Fashion Basics for Young Women

During your college years, you will need something to carry your books, papers, laptop and personal items in. You will be able to move around campus a lot faster if you are not carrying anything in your arms. The typical backpacks carried by high school students are still practical enough for college. However, if you prefer something a little more fashionable, consider a large shoulder bag, something similar to an over sized beach bag. They are available in several different styles, sizes, colors and patterns. Another option, are the over the shoulder book bags. These bags are great for heavy textbooks and make access to your belongings easier. Whatever you decision to use as a book bag, just make sure it is well made, water proof and you like it.

Wearing comfortable shoes is important during your four years in college. Unlike high school, your will more than likely be in different buildings throughout the day. You may have to walk several miles a day to attend all of your classes. In addition, depending on the college, you may have to walk up stairs to get to a classroom. Therefore, forget wearing high heels or shoes made for “show only” to school. Instead, consider purchasing different types of sneakers, clogs, boots or flat sandals for the summer. The best fashionable shoes for any young college women will always be comfortable and designed for walking long distances.

A jacket or sweater can change the entire look of an outfit. For young women in college these basic pieces are a must, but not always for the sake of fashion. Being on a college campus can be a challenge during the spring and summer months. Unexpected rain or a change in temperature can occur at any time. Carrying a lightweight jacket with a hood in your book bag will ensure you are prepared if the weather changes. Getting wet during a spring shower could interrupt your education due to illness.

Also, you will perhaps need a sweater if you have classes in large lecture halls. These faculties can be extremely cold during the summer months depending on where you sit.

Keeping your eyes healthy is especially important duirng your college years. To protect your vision, sunglasses should be worn whenever you are outside. The rays from the sun especially between 10 am and 4 pm can damage our eyes causing problems later in life. The best sunglasses are those that have 100% UV protection. The lens should also be dark enough to reduce sun glare but not affect the ability to identify colors. Amber or dark grey are the best colors for sunglass lens. If you wear prescription glasses, you will still need a pair of sunglasses unless your lens darken when you are outside.


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