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Christian Siriano’s Fierce Fashion

Christian Siriano’s Fierce Fashion

Coming up, when does a president’s R mean more than just rest and recreation? In my weekly commentary, I’ll talk about the flap over whether Obama should include more women in his off hours hang time. Fierce. Fierce. Fierce. Really fierce. More fierce. Fierce. Fierce. Fierce. Fierce, fabulous and flawless, all of the above.

MARTIN: Yes, you’ve guessed it. That’s the fierce and fabulous Christian Siriano, winner of the fourth season of “Project Runway.” He’s also the youngest winner of that reality program, where contestants compete to be named the best fashion designer.

Since his win, Christian has designed for celebrity clients like Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling and Whoopi Goldberg, and now he has a new project, a new book, “Fierce Style: How to be Your Most Fabulous Self,” and he’s with us to talk about it. Welcome, thank you for joining us.

Mr. SIRIANO: How are you? Thank you.

MARTIN: I’m sorry, I’m not feeling very fierce today.

Mr. SIRIANO: That’s okay, me neither.

MARTIN: I have a cute bag, though.

Mr. SIRIANO: Oh, I love that. Me, too.

MARTIN: Okay, well very good. How did you fall in love with clothes?

Mr. SIRIANO: Gosh. I think, you know, my sister was a ballet dancer, and I was really thrown into costumes and fantasy when I was pretty young, you know, 10 years old. And I think I just kind of loved it and loved this whole, like, idea of something, a visionary kind of idea. And then from there, you know, it just kind of was, like, all my experiences was all about fashion and clothing.

MARTIN: Was that hard being a boy liking fashion when you were growing up?

Mr. SIRIANO: It was and it wasn’t because, you know, obviously thrown into this world of dancers and ballet dancers and modern dancers, there were tons of boys, and they were all eccentric in their own way and, you know, all were confident and had to be. It didn’t seem different for me, I guess.

MARTIN: How soon or how early did your mom start letting you put your look together, your own look together?

Mr. SIRIANO: You know, my mom was a single mom, and it was just me and my sister. So I was with, you know, two girls every day. And I think, you know, because my sister was so eccentric and her dressing in what she kind of put together herself, my mom kind of felt like it was just fair for me to be the same way.

MARTIN: So you don’t have to look back at any of those pictures and say what was what was she thinking? Like, I have some really regrettable encounters with plaid

Mr. SIRIANO: Tell me me, too.

MARTIN: Which would not have been my choice, but so you don’t have those because mom kind of let you steer the ship?

Mr. SIRIANO: She did, but I think I made bad decisions. I definitely wore some striped, slip on, like, boat shoes a lot. I had tons of those, and I was really into costumes. I mean, I wore costumes every day. You know, I was either The Little Mermaid or a warrior. So it was just depending on what I was feeling.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTIN: You were a confident little somebody, right?

Mr. SIRIANO: Yeah.

MARTIN: You know, you know that you were a fan favorite on “Project Runway.” I think you probably have heard that.

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