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Cartier is a century old shop. Was born in the middle of the last century

Cartier is a century old shop. Was born in the middle of the last century, the founder is a young guy called Louis-Francois Cartier, full of passion, love art and live, and have sensitive business skills.

He was in the technician Adolphe Picard door, this is a stern old man, a lifetime deal with jewelry, no children without a woman, one day he put Cartier love bracelet replica call to his side, said to him, one day he will soon be dead After that, Mr. Cartier took over his jewel. Soon after that really died, Mr. Cartier justifiably took the jewelry Square, and changed its name to “Cartier”. From then on a well-established brand of a hundred years was born.

Mr. Cartier from the date of taking over, planning a series of development lines – to do the business of rich people. Take the noble line, consumer groups main attack royal family, aristocratic children and rich people. These people often spend money as soil, to participate in the salon, comparisons of the prevalence of the wind. On the jewelry jade watch and the like, is a very big demand.

And in quality, Mr. Cartier emphasis on excellence. Only the best things can be immortal, and by the warm pursuit. So he used precious stones, fine carving, one by one, like art shows on display in the window, attracted a lot of people stop to watch, issued a tut praise sound. People who have just begun to see more often, but really have the ability to buy very little. So he thought to lend his gems to the then one called the Babbage aristocrat, his family had a female beginning to grow, beautiful flower, is the ball in the most eye-catching woman.

At that time, Paris, Napoleon III in power, after some turmoil, the restoration of the old Paris meteoric times, the prevalence of luxury. Every day there are many ball feast for the aristocratic royal family rich people pastime, wearing gorgeous, wearing expensive Cartier love ring replica jewelry, was removed in a different partner, never tired. Miss Babbage a pair of sapphire necklaces, causing a sensation in the ball. This method really has the finishing touch of the effect. Cartier jewelry was started the first shot. Many of the dignitaries to become his customers, even Napoleon III also loved his jewelry, life Mr. Cartier will be his most satisfied with the works to the court, any choice.

Napoleon effect is to Cartier to farther away. Mr. Cartier was like throwing a stone into the pond, and it was raging, rippling and even reaching Russia, India and South America. European royal family also issued a letter of appointment to him. Including King Edward VII, he sent a very solemn invitation to Mr. Cartier to invite him to make his 27 crowns for his own coronation. Mr. Cartier was naturally dedicated, and later these crowns were crowned as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler.”

Napoleon young cousin Mathilde princess to Cartier love to add, in a variety of public occasions do not hide their own soft feelings for Cartier, when it comes to Cartier, this beautiful jewelry art, suddenly become excited. In her appeal, Cartier’s business naturally grows abruptly. Crowded, in short supply. Mr. Cartier fame out, in 1859, he moved his shop to Paris, the most fashionable area Boulevard des Italiens 9.

There is a paradise for the rich man, where Mr. Cartier’s outstanding design talent attracts the attention of the Eugenie queen and becomes his faithful fan, Cartier has a new work out, Eugenie queen the first time to see if the case Favorite, do not hesitate to buy it. Eugenie queen matchmaking, Mr. Cartier introduced to the very famous international fashion designer Worth, they are one for the Queen to provide jewelry accessories, one to provide fashionable clothing. They meet each other late, after two people began long-term cooperation, and finally formed a family, became a section of the story.

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