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but is located in the mut coins

but is located in the northern Hebei Zhangjiakou total installed mut coins to millions of thousands More than 30 watt photovoltaic project is still not in the “630” before the mut coins grid includes a number of Olympic Games, for the Winter Olympics service corridor project. The PV of “630” can be said to be the digital.2015 photovoltaic industry in recent years mut coins the most representative of the end of the year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “on the improvement of onshore wind power photovoltaic the mut coins benchmark price madden mobile coins notice”, clearly stipulated in our class, two class, three class ground resource area benchmark price of photovoltaic power plants per kWh were mut coins by 0.1 yuan, 0.07 yuan, 0.02 yuan, but in June 30, 2016 before installing successfully, you can enjoy the price adjustment before, and thus lead to “630” grab loading tide.2016 mut coins end of the year, the national development and Reform Commission again madden coins on the adjustment of photovoltaic power generation “onshore wind power tariff mut coins notice >, clear a class, two class,

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