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Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions

Kick-off time: 1 am on Monday

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Arizona Cardinals face many problems. First of all, last season they lost all four games in the eastern United States time zone. Second, how will they protect the last quarter of last season was captured and killed 40 times the main quarterback Carson – Palmer. Third, they can be last year 7 wins, 1 level 8 negative record behind. From the moment, all the signs that the Cardinals have gone from last year’s predicament. They are convinced that the loss in the Eastern time zone is not due to the journey of fatigue, but by a series of the whole season are troubled by the Cardinals caused by the error. They made a change in the offensive line, the Jared – Wilder Hill to fight the right front, and the Avon – Burm on the right whistle position; the introduction of the former Vikings whistle Alec – Boone also enhanced the team lineup line depth.

Is the Detroit Lions going to limit the play of Carson-Palmer after Izekiel-Ansa missed the entire preseason due to a knee injury? Lions last season to start the sailing, it is thanks to their ground rushing attack, control the ball of the offensive ideas. In this game, in the runway Amir – Abdallah healthy situation, the lions most of the attack will be completed on the ground.

Forecast: red passion wins

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Jacksonville Jaguar vs Houston Texas

Kick-off time: 1 am on Monday

Preview: Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Blake – Boltus in the game against Texas 0 wins and 6 losses. In those past defeat, he passed the success rate of only 53.4%, completed 6 touchdowns, but there are 8 times steals. In the six games, he was also sacked a full 24 times. Jaguar’s new season’s offensive line can be said to be the worst of his career in Bortes, which also includes rookie left-cut Karm – Robinson. And they need to fight is JJ-watt (in the last 10 games against the Jaguars in the completion of 14.5 times sack), Juddweon – Crowney and Whitney – Mersi Lu Si.

In the last season after passing the attack did not ring, the Texas team’s offensive end in the new starting quarterback Tom – Savage’s leadership under the new life. Although the outside of Will – Fuller and Jialun – Strong will not be able to play, Savage need to rely on De Andre – Hopkins, Bruce – Ellington and Braxton – Miller play against Jaguars strong defensive second-tier lineup, including cornerback Jia Lun – Ram plug and AJ- Boyer, but given the strength of the defense group Texans rock-solid, Bor Benitez and his offensive group is difficult to spend a certain cheerful The time.(Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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